BC Cider Way


BC Farm Crafted Cider Association

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The goal

BC Cider Way was built as an itinerary-oriented tourism website, offering users the opportunity to map and plan excursions exploring British Columbia’s thriving Cider industry. It’s purpose is to help drive tourism traffic to Cideries around the province, as well as directing web traffic to the Cidery websites themselves.

The experience

This was one of those projects where you learn so much during it that it forces you to re-examine some of your initial decisions. I started out using a faithful map plugin to manage the map portion of the itineraries, but I realized that by asking the itinerary authors to submit the address of each destination as well as plot it in the map plugin, I was introducing an unnecessary redundancy. With the address data and ability to plot it on the map with javascript, I was able to remove the need for the map plugin completely. Everybody wins.

The outcome

The bright, inviting illustrations and authentic photography pleasantly draw users along the journey and through the itineraries. The design is fun and I had a great time working on this project. This site challenged me to re-examine some decisions and learn some new things to get to the finish line.