Tourism Nanaimo


Tourism Nanaimo | Municipal Tourism Organization | Nanaimo, BC

Front-end DevelopmentWordPress Theme Development

The goal

Tourism Nanaimo was looking to redesign their website and update their online presence. They wanted the new site to have a heavy visual focus, achieved through the use of local photography. It was intended to be largely informational, with an additional goal of supporting local business. As such, measures of success for us were items like time spent on page and converting users to visitors of other local business websites.

The experience

For this project, I worked with designer Rachel Park. To begin we established a set of guidelines for both of us to work under. This resulted in me being able to reproduce her design on the front-end very closely, a success for both of us. This site was an exercise in dealing with complex information architectures and page relationships. I spent a good deal of time in the planning stage, resulting in an optimized user flow culminating in a conversion.

The outcome

The site is a marked improvement over the old one, delivering ten-fold on the request for a heavy visual focus. The information is delivered in an intuitive and beautiful manner, and the metric tracking we installed shows that users are visiting stakeholder websites as we set out to achieve. Nanaimo is well represented by their tourism board.